POW March 17th 2010:Siege #3

Published on March 24th, 2010

Hey guys and gals did you know that sometimes there is a daylight savings time change in the US and not in the UK? Totally true, and as a result Rob’s schedule got all askew comparatively and he did not join us this week.  The good news is, you still get to listen to the rantings of Simon, Sheldon and Dana.

This week, in addition to our general comic discussion we make a couple of announcement about Comic Impact and we get in a pretty heated debate fueled by Sheldon’s war against completists.

Also included Dana rants about how much Batman #697 sucked, Simon and Dana drool over the incredible art in X-Factor Forever #1 and Sheldon uses his pick of the week power to name Siege #3 the best book from March 17, 2010.

If that wasn’t enough the gang also chats about Moon Knight #6, Amazing Spider-Man #625, Executive Assistant Iris #4, Titans #23,Doctor Who #9, Dark Avengers #15 and Green Arrow #31.

Dana Shukartsi


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