POW February 24th 2010:Choker #1

Published on March 3rd, 2010

Hey guys, welcome back to the Pick of The Week podcast for February 24th. This week you’ll be joined by Simon, Sheldon and Rob.. but alas we regret to inform you that because yesterdays Book of the Month podcast drove Dana to the edge of sanity, she went to a sex club and almost never came back, but she did, and she’s resting from her extreme experiences of last night! Rob and Simon have fully recovered from their claps you’ll be glad to hear, and are with us again this week.

Sheldon had the POW last week, which means it’s thrown over to Rob this time, who surprised everyone with his no.1 pick, seen as though they thought he might pick Blackest Night #7 as he’s been getting high off it every issue so far, but no, not this week. Also discussed are possible futures for the Avengers at Marvel, and how we all love (ie, hate) a lovely helping of 90’s trash! Also, how a certain DC artist likes to stay on facebook instead of drawing! (no, we love him really)  Much more to come as well if you guys listen to the podcast!

So Rob’s POW is CHOKER #1 from Image Comics. But also discussed in this issue are comics such as Marvel Projects #6, Deadpool #20, Victorian Undead #4, Fantastic Four #576,  Secret Warriors #13, Flash: Rebirth #6, Blackest Night #7 and Image United #0.

Rob Andrews


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