Collecting: Marvel Universe figures 2010 wave 3

Published on March 12th, 2010

At Comic Impact, we sure do love our action figures  and we do love  seeing photos of  toys before they come out. It is  one big ass cock tease and now we get a look at  Hasbro’s 3rd wave of 3.75″ Marvel Universe figures. This wave includes a few of my  favorite  characters in X-Men books (Archangel,Kitty Pryde)  As you can see it  focuses on the X-Men!

mu013colossus mu014juggernaut

mu015archangel mu016aimsoldier

mu017kittypryde mu018havok

I will be on the hunt for these figures and I am sure they will end up on the site as a future Figure Friday. My favorite is the Archangel what can I say I love that design. Talking about the design of this figures you may love this news that Mike Degado will be doing the art work for each package.

Simon Daoudi