Sneak Peek: IDW’s Jurassic Park

Published on March 26th, 2010

Are you a fan of Jurassic Park like my four year old nephew Titouan? Then you may enjoy the new IDW comic. That’s right, Jurassic Park is now a comic book.


Yet this isn’t the first time, as I recall when I use to work at a baseball card shop in the 1990’s there was a Topps Jurassic Park comics and it was BAD. Sure, I know your asking yourself, why would they make a Jurassic Park comic book? Well Comic Impact readers, let me tell you a story about IDW. If you look at most of the books they put out a lot of their properties are TV shows (Angel,Doctor Who) and films (Star Trek,G.I.Joe). So you know that works for IDW.

Launching in June, IDW’s Jurassic Park comics will bring all of the oversized action and prehistoric adventure that fans love from the movies in a brand-new story. Plus, IDW will also reprint all the original Topps Jurassic Park comics in a trade paperback collection, most of which have never before been reprinted. Keeping with the feel of the 1990’s we are going to be getting variant covers by Frank Miller for issue #1, followed by Arthur Adams on issue #2, Paul Pope on issue #3, Bernie Wrightson on issue #4 and Bill Stout on issue #5.

Jurassic Park: Redemption #1 will be 32 pages, full color, $3.99 and will be available in stores in June. Now, who thinks this is their way of testing the water before they make a Jurassic Park 4 film? I do.

Simon Daoudi