JMS joins DC Comics

Published on March 9th, 2010

Taking a break from Iron Man, and looking at the other world of comics now (aka DC Comics), you know, the guys that ComicImpact staff member Sheldon doesn’t read. It looks like Sheldon’s boy J. Michael Straczynski (the guy he was in love with on Thor) is going to take over Superman  and Wonder Woman in July. That’s right, he is going to have the chance to play with two of DC’s big three.

I haven’t read Wonder Woman in a long time, so I don’t know how this will affect that book, but I know a lot of  people  are not a big fan of the stuff that is going on right now in the Superman books. As someone who is not a die  hard fan of Superman, I have been enjoying it. I hate to use this word, but when he comes back to this book he will have a big IMPACT in the DCU.


You may be asking yourself why is JMS on these two big books? Well lets look at the facts shall we. Both books are not doing to well when it comes to sales. A lot of people at the comic store I work at don’t give a shit about both Superman or Wonder Woman. So, why not have a big name writer on two of your big three (number three would be Batman) books. So why not boost sales from Straczynski’s fans.

I am not sure if I am going to read Wonder Woman when it comes out. I have, however, been reading Superman on a monthly schedule for about 4 years now. I know, not bad for someone who is not a big fan of the man of steel right?

I am not a big fan of Straczynski’s work a lot 0f the time. I feel like he does not get the job done, but yet I know he has a big fan base. I am sure this will help the sale of these two books big time!  So there you go. Also is it just me or does that Wonder Woman art from the great George Perez looks like shit? She looks like she is only 14 years old.

Simon Daoudi