Trailer: Iron Man Extremis Motion Comic

Published on March 25th, 2010

I am not a big fan of motion comics I enjoy reading my comics but yet I am a big fan of Iron Man. So I am not sure how I feel about a Iron Man Extremis Motion  Comics and a big part of me says I don’t need to watch it  from the trailer I can see why this is going to be special.  After all the only other motion comic.I have watch was  Watchmen  and that was ok but nothing to phone home about.

It is  funny because I am not a huge fan of  Warren Ellis and Adi Granov’s work on Iron Man.What is a fanboy like my self to do? For more on Iron Man Extremis make sure to read Marvel’s press.

Marvel Knights Animation ( is proud to announce their newest motion comic epic: Iron Man: Extremis, available April 16th! Adapting the critically-acclaimed storyline by superstars Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) faces his greatest threat ever—a terrorist transformed into an unstoppable force with the powerful bio-engineered Extremis super-soldier serum! Now Tony Stark redefines Iron Man’s mission for the 21st century, setting the Armored


Avenger on a new direction that’ll alter his life forever…if he can find a way to defeat a modern day nightmare! Featuring groundbreaking animation and special effects never before seen in a motion comic, Iron Man: Extremis will leave your jaws on the floor! Each of the six episodes are only $1.99, with an extra sized premiere running nearly 20 minutes long, and a can’t miss season pass priced at $9.99! Iron Man: Extremis will be available for download on iTunes, Zune, and Xbox, with new episodes available bi-weekly through June.

“Iron Man: Extremis is one of the pre-eminent Iron Man stories, thanks to the amazing work of Warren Ellis and Adi Granov,” explained Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada. “Just as the Iron Man: Extremis comic book forever changed how we see Iron Man, the motion comic adaptation represents the next evolution of the medium.”

The worldwide leader in bringing super heroes to life, Marvel redefined the motion comic medium with their first two releases—Spider-Woman (from Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev) and Astonishing X-Men (from Joss Whedon & John Cassaday). Staying true to their source material, Marvel Motion Comics utilize each story’s original art and scripts while adding seamless motion, dynamic voice acting, and stunning special effects to deliver a whole new way to experience some of the greatest storylines in Marvel Comics’ history.

“Having the chance to work on something created by Adi and Warren has been a dream come true,” exclaims Ruwan Jayatilleke, Marvel Senior Vice President, Development & Planning, Print, Animation and Digital Media explained, “As the lead producer on this motion comic, I am thrilled with all the effort and  energy that Magnetic Dreams, Edge Studio, Underground Music, and NYAV have thrown into this project—creating an incredibly compelling series of animated content! I don’t want to give away any of the surprises, but once you see Tony Stark suit up and Iron Man take flight, you’ll know just why I am so excited.”

Experience Iron Man in a whole new way – IRON MAN: EXTREMIS Motion Comic.  From the story by Warren Ellis & Adi Granov, this incredible epic blends seamless motion, dynamic voice acting, and stunning special effects, bringing to life the story that redefined Iron Man for the 21st Century.  Now you can get an exclusive sneak peek at this breathtaking visual breakthrough in motion comics!

Are you going to watch it?

Simon Daoudi