Hack/Slash moves to Image

Published on March 13th, 2010

Many of you probably are not aware of this, but I am infact a fan of Tim Seeley’s ‘Hack/Slash’ series. It’s a great little series, that I’ve not been reading lately for various reasons, but I own the omnibus’ and have enjoyed reading the stories I have in single issues.

This came as a surprise to me, when I heard news that at the Emerald City Comic-Con, Tim Seeley announced that he would be moving his creation to a new home at Image Comics. Hack/Slash was (and has been since the start) published at Devil’s Due Publishings. This vast change in publishers mean’s good news for the series, says creator Tim Seeley, and that it will give his comic a chance to move forward. In my opinion it’s a very good move, and a wise one at that, as Hack/Slash is a series with huge potential, and even when published at Devil’s Due it was quickly gaining in popularity amongst comic fans. A move to Image Comics should certainly see it rise up higher and higher, and perhaps get this idea of a possible Hack/Slash movie into a deeper stage of development.


We can expect to see the first Hack/Slash comics being published by Image in June, with the start of a new mini series called ‘Hack/Slash: My First Maniac’ that will be written by the series own creator, Tim Seeley, and with art being done by Daniel Leister. Issue #1 will come out on June 9th 2010! Bring on the new Hack/Slash at Image I say! Time to celebrate!

Rob Andrews