Fish girl named Minnow

Published on March 30th, 2010

If you listen to any of the Pick of the Week podcasts, you know I am a big fan of Sweet Tooth and Jeff Lemire. My friend a few years back got me into his Complete Essex County Trilogy. Now thanks to the magic of Lemire’s twitter account we now get a sneak peek at a future project .

Lemire had this on his twitter account on Sunday night:

“I’ve never shown anyone this except @chrisstaros, but this is a graphic novel projectI’ve been working on for about two years. Not sure when it will be done, but definitely not in 2009! I know she looks like an outtake from Sweet Tooth, but she’ s not!”


So who is the fish girl named Minnow? Also, if you have not read the first storyline in Sweet Tooth then why not get your self a copy?  After all 2 of the 5 issues in the first trade have been Pick of the Weeks.

Lemire is someone i would love to own some original art from . Hell, I would be happy with just a sketch of Gus from Sweet Tooth

Simon Daoudi