Figure Friday: Iron Man II War Machine

Published on March 26th, 2010

Do you recall a few weeks back when I posted a review of the Iron Man Mark VI with Power-Up Glow? Well guess what? This week we’re going back to the Marvel U with an all new Iron Man II action figure based on War Machine.This is the film figure it is NOT THE COMIC BOOK one,  look for that one in a future Figure Friday here at

Package Description

This suit is modified by military technicians for Tony Stark’s best friend James Rhodes. What it lacks in the advanced weaponry of the Mark IV, it more than makes up for with an overwhelming payload courtesy of the Air Force.


This is a very nice figure until you look at the face mask, then you can see where Hasbro had a hard time.  The face mask  looks like they did not  have the right size paint  brush to go in on his eyes. It’s sad because this is a nice War Machine sculpt.

None-the-less  I still  love  the feel and look of this figure.   His armor looks good even if it is a bit to big for my taste. I know it is like this in the film though. He looks like someone who has been out in space working for NASA.

He does come with the two BIG, I am talking big ass, weapon effects-type attachments that fit on the figure’s shoulder cannons. I am not a fan of them. I know it is part of who War Machine is but this a bit over the top for me.

Like every Iron Man II figure, both film and comic book versions,  he comes with  a figure stand, and 3 Armor Cards. I am still not sure what the hell I need to do with the Armor Cards and there are NO instructions on the package about the cards.

This  figure has a great battle-worn metallic paint job but does not have a lot of colors. The scale of this figures seems to be far more accurate than the Marvel Universe Iron Man figures. Especially since a character in a big suit of armor should be a little bigger than Spider-Man.



Ok here comes the fun part… The figure does have double-jointed knees and ball shoulder joints, yet his legs don’t move at all. It sucks you are not going to have some great  dynamic poses.  Another weak spot for articulation is in the head, it does not move at all so don’t even think of trying, you may break your figure. His torsos is ok because I know when I have my Iron Man armor on  I can’t  bend over and touch my toes. So I am ok with that, but the legs not moving still sucks a lot.

The figure has two shoulder cannons that can flank the figure’s head or retract behind his back. The cannons actually rotate 360 degrees.One of the two cannons also has removable weapons effect accessories that give the illusion of firing rockets and bullets when placed on the cannons. It seems to be a fairly realistic portrayal of what the character would actually be able to do in real-life.

Final Judgment 3/10

Overall this is great looking figure and would look great next to some other Marvel Universe or Iron Man II figures.  But if your are looking for a figure that you can play with then I am sorry but don’t waist your time and money.

I am still happy that I have this figure but I wish that they would work on some the articulation just a bit more.

Simon Daoudi