Figure Friday: Blackest Night Aquaman

Published on March 19th, 2010

This week we’re taking a look at Blackest Night Aquaman from wave 3. Sure, I know not a lot of people don’t care for Aquaman, but there are a few of us in the world, maybe 5%, that do. After all, he is due to come back in a big way in Brightest Day, and he was one of the first Black Lanterns in Blackest Night, which is due to end on March 31st. So let’s find out if this week’s figure is staying on my shelf or going to sleeping  with the fishes after this review.

Package Description

The legion of undead heroes increases,as the original King of the Seven Seas is compelled to join the ranks of The Black Lantern Corps. When his powers combine with the power of the Black Lantern,this formidable warrior in life is transformed into an unstoppable force.


I love good texture, it really makes a figure sometimes, and in the case of Blackest Night Aquaman, it surely does. This figure has the same kind of head design as the Blackest Night Superman figure. It has that great “Look at me, I am Ronald Reagan” face, and his jaw is off center, making you think it could fall right off at any moment. Great work on the face design.  The top part of the outfit has some great orange scale like texture, the people over at DC Direct took there time making these great details. His pants and gloves have a very nice paint job on them. Sure it’s just a plain black paint job, but it works well.

His boots have a fin on each of them. I love that, when I saw that after I opened this figure  I was so happy. It is the little things that make the figures sometime for me.

He is around the same size as the Green Lantern: John Stewart Blackest Night figure from wave 2.  This figure also comes with a stand with the Black Lantern symbol on it like all the Blackest Night figures.



Ok well here is the part I hate the most about this Blackest Night figure, there is no poseability or articulation. Yet for a DC Direct figure, it is not that bad.

He has ball style shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows and double hinged knees. His wrists don’t turn at all sadly, as some of the other Blackest Night figures can, but he can’t. I am not going to lose any sleep over it though. Like all the DC Direct figures he can’t turn his torsos but that is fine with me.

I know that this figure doesn’t have the best articulation, and yet, this one is not bad. It might be the best of the Blackest Night figures yet.

Final Judgment 8/10

This is a great looking figure, and would scare the shit out of your little sister if she was walking into your room.  It really is amazing how much detail they put into making him look like he has been dead for a while. There for it gets an eight and I know the articulation is a big part of a figure but this one works. I am very happy to own this figure and I am ok with the lack of articulation.

Simon Daoudi