Doctor Who: BBC America Trailer

Published on March 24th, 2010


Ok, I know I have been hard on poor Matt Smith, maybe because he is not David Tennant. After all, Tennant was a god with that great hair. I don’t like having a new Doctor, it is like breaking in a new baseball hat. 

But now the good people over at BBC America have posted a new trailer. With a few new scenes, such as…

The new sonic screwdriver and the Spanish Inquisition. The return of everybody’s favorite, except mine, the weeping angels. And of course the best scene was when a little boy asks, “Are you afraid of monsters?” Matt Smith replies, “No, they are afraid of me.” That was the line that gave me goosebumps and made me excited for the first time. That to me is classic Who at it’s best.

If you pay close attention at the end of this trailer, the mystery woman, River Song, is heard but not seen.

And here are some promotional stills from the upcoming season.

drwho_1 drwho_2

drwho_3 drwho_4

I can’t wait for April. I’ll be hiding behind my couch as The Doctor fights monsters and other creepy things. Remember April 3 is the air date in jolly old England and BBC America airs it April 17th.

Simon Daoudi