Dana’s Passover Project

Published on March 29th, 2010

danamatzoThe great fun of being part of this site is i can pretty much post anything I like as long as it’s geeky in some way. WELL, do I have a tasty treat for you….

Every year at Passover my family get’s together and I play with my food. I use matzo  and the weird brown stuff on the table (whatever it is, i call it cement) to create masterpieces, or at least try.

This year I began construction of a rectangular shape and my friend insisted she knew that I was making a TARDIS. Of course, once she said that I wanted to! So, I made a two sided rectangular sculpture. One side became the TARDIS and the other side is a particular building that no one can seem to recognize.

Because my building is so unrecognizable, here’s the game, if you comment first, with the correct answer to what the building is you get a shout-out on a Comic Impact podcast. Why? Because I have no giveaways handy, all you get is sorta bragging rights.

matzotardis matzoguess

Happy Holiday from Comic Impact!

~Dana Shukartsi