2010 ComicImpact T-shirt

Published on March 24th, 2010

If you listen to the Pick Of The Week podcast, then you’ll know we all love to make fun of each other here at Comic Impact, and whenever someone misses an episode, we love to make up a story as to where they are. For the past few weeks we’ve been joking around that Dana was at a Sex Club, and then on the Pick of the Week Podcast for March 10th  she told us on her first show back that “The sex club was great, but it’s no Comic Impact.”

That got the Comic Impact design team (that’s me) think ‘oh wow that is a great tag line for a t-shirt’. After playing around in photoshop, and I now give you the 2010 ComicImpact.com t-shirt.

That’s right, convention season is here, and what better way to show your love, than having a Comic Impact t-shirt when you meet your favorite people who work within comics or a sexy cosplayer. When someone asks you “what the hell do sex clubs and comics have to do with each other?”, you can tell them all about our site.


Now I am sure you’re asking yourself, where and how, do I get a t-shirt? Well it is not that hard, because if you head over to our cafepress site, you can order one of these shirts. The shirts are pre-shrunk 100% cotton and standard fit.

They come in size small to 3x-large. Now I am know you’re also asking yourself “wow this sounds great, but what do I have to pay for one of these ComicImpact t-shirts?”. Well since we love our fans, we are selling them for only $20.10 ( plus an extra $3.00 for size 2x and 3x). Why? Because it is the all-new 2010 ComicImpact t-shirt!

I’m also sure you’ll find yourself asking, “well that is good as well, but I would love to get one for my girlfriend, do you have them in a women’s fit also?” Guess what, we do!

And! If we see you with the ComicImpact t-shirt on at convention or any event, then who knows.. maybe we’ll give you some free shit. Also, I am sure we will come out with some GREAT giveaways that will have to do with the t-shirt as well. So why not help us out by purchasing your very own ComicImpact ‘Sex Club’ T-shirt.

Simon Daoudi