ComicImpact Store Spotlight: Galaxy of Comics

Published on February 23rd, 2010

Last month we started a new feature here at Comic Impact, The ComicImpact Store Spotlight.

Every month we will turn our magnifying glass on a local store (local can mean local for you the comic fan as well!). We then contact the owner  and ask a few questions and even throw some pictures up on the site!! Sweet! Right? Well wait it gets better. We also decided that every POW(PICK OF THE WEEK)  for that month that we record that we will mention the store of that month.. for the entire month! Now here is the important part where you, the reader  can get involved. We want to know about your store! We want to know what stores in you area  there are that you feel deserve to be spotlighted! Send us some suggestions as well as some reasons why you feel your store deserves it! We will pick from those at the end of the month to get the new store each month!!!

This month we’re taking a look at the store Simon and Dana both live at. You may remember seeing it on are interview with Len Wein. We’re talking about Galaxy of Comics. Not only is this a great store but also one of a  kind. Not just because Simon and Dana both work there sometime but because they have art classes every Wednesday night, that’s right the same day as new comics. They also have team ups with Soulgeek, Singles Nights every Second Saturday of the month.  For all you the Magic the Gathering fans, every sunday they have tournaments. To learn more keep reading the answers from store owner, Mr. Warren Jaycox.


1.Tell us a little bit about your store ?
We are the San Fernando Valley’s leading (and friendliest) purveyor of comic books, graphic novels and other cool things you don’t know you want yet.

2.How long has your store been open?
A year this month.

3. Do you have any special event? ie, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon etc.
We hold art classes on Wednesday nights at 7, Magic the Gathering tournaments all day on Sundays, Singles Nights every Second Saturday of the month and, of course, New Comics Wednesday, the most animated New Comics Wednesday you’ll find in the valley.


4.Do you have any special store deals? ie, buy one get one free on a specific day, or a certain % off if you purchase a certain amount ?
We have a regular Trade Paperback and Hardcover Special, buy 2 and get the 3rd 50% off. Also, we have a Buy 10, get the 11th TPB or HC Free punchcard.

5.As a retail store owner what is the most difficult thing that you wish you could change in this industry?
Delays. I mean, Flash: Rebirth STILL isn’t out!!!

6.How long have you been involved with comics?
The first time: From about age 9 to about age 16. Second time: 1999 to Present.

7.How do you feel about CGC and graded books? As a fan are you for or against it? As a retailer do they sell in your store?
As an Official Authorized Member Dealer, I LOVE graded books. As a fan, I’ll probably never buy one (I like reading  them too much). As a retailer, we have sold our share of CGC books.

8. Where do you see the comic book retail business in five years?

I think we’re on an upward trend. Comic books, as a whole, are getting smarter and the movies are getting better and more popular.

9. How does your store deal with collectibles such as statues and figures? Is it more of a special request item or is the average fan still interested in them?
I don’t think the “average” fan was ever all that interested in them, but they make for nice gifts and the “non-average” collector still loves them.


10.What is the average age of your customers?
I’d say our average is about 30, but we have customers from 7 to 70.

11.As a retailer do you still have the luxury of being a fanboy and do you still get giddy when you read your favorite books?
Yeah, I do get excited about reading the books. I read probably between 40% and 50% of everything on our wall, which considering the amount of titles out these days means I read A LOT! I think that makes me a big fanboy and a better retailer.

12. What is the number one question you get from new customers?
What makes this 1953 Captain America worth so much (or something to that effect)


13. If someone walks into your store and say’s, “Hey, I want to get into comics.” What would you recommend to them? Always answer a question with another question. “What kind of books do you read?” “Have you seen any comic books movies?” “What other kinds of fiction do you like?” These days I recommend more Vertigo and Indy than anything else, but I also find that even if someone has never read a comic book, they all at least know the basic stories of Peter Parker, Clark Kent and Tony Stark, so there’s a easy place to start there too.

14.What are some of your favorite current books? Does it influence sales in your store?
Walking Dead! Atomic Robo! Demo! And, yeah, of course it influences sales! Come into my store not knowing what you want a you better believe I’m gonna recommend something.


15. What is the best storyline in comics history and what is the one book you never get tired of reading?
I think the answer to both questions is V for Vendetta.

So make sure to check out Galaxy of Comics  if you are in the area.

Simon Daoudi