Sneak Peek: Secret Avengers

Published on February 8th, 2010

I feel sorry for all you Avengers fans, who thought your wallet’s/purse’s could take a breather at the news of all Avengers titles being put to rest, and there just being a solo Avengers main title come the aftermath of Siege. Because our pals at Marvel have decided that just one Avenger’s book won’t be enough, so they’ve given us (rightly or wrongly) a new one!

SECRET AVENGERS. Written by Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Criminal), and with art by Mike Deodato (Dark Avengers). Expect the first issue to hit shelves sometime in May this year.


What we all want to know is, who the heeby jeebies is that on the front cover? Well.. it’s a funny question that, because we won’t know until it’s release, because Marvel have outsmarted us all once again by BLACKING THE CHARACTER OUT! Oh, Marvel you sly dogs, you’ve cunningly outwhitted us once again!

If you want to hazard a guess though, go ahead. Try asking yourself why there is going to be a team of Secret Avengers if the Avengers are going to reunite and take Osborn down? Surely no need for anyone to have secrets once good wins the day huh? We’ll see!

For now though, Marvel.. have won the day. The battle is not lost yet!

Rob Andrews