Green Lanterns in Brightest Day

Published on February 12th, 2010

As we come towards the conclusion of DC’s epic Blackest Night story we are all excited and looking ahead to the follow up, Brightest Day.  Before the days of the color war and eventually Blackest Night, these stories were quite contained within the Green lantern titles, never really effecting the outside world. Geoff Johns took a great risk and allowed the rich history of the lanterns to bleed into other titles changing the course of a lot of key books.  At first i was a little concerned.  Having read some Green Lantern, I always found it a little history heavy and constantly had to look up things that were not fully explained.  Granted, Johns does his very best to introduce a lot of hopping on points as well as having flashback moments and having characters explain things constantly.  However, the lantern titles take a while to get used to.


That being the case I was worried that the general comic reading public, the 2 or 3 that hand’t already got caught up in the world of lanterns, would have a hard time following the story. Boy was I wrong.  Johns and his team did a great job making the books all about the character’s we are used to seeing and with the introduction of a black lanterns, they gave us a very clear history of the character and what their return means.

glcor-cv48If you followed that rant than let me just continue by saying as great as Blackest Night has  been in the other titles and as hopeful as I am for Brightest Day, the core stories of these lanterns always happens in the lantern titles and those are the books that will be changed the most come Brightest Day. Not only will we get a new epic tale concerning these characters but the core titles will be having a shift in creative teams.  While Green Lantern will go on unchanged in that respect, there are huge shake-ups with Green Lantern Corps as well as the introduction of a new ongoing Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors.

Green Lantern Corps will now be written by Tony Bedard who has worked on a number of DC books, none of them having to do with the lantern corps.  I have grown to trust book placement in DC lately, so if he’s on that book it’s for a reason and I will assume the best is yet to come.  As for the art, the first story arc will be drawn by Ardian Syaf a relative newcomer to the DC comics fold.  And of course we have to talk about the cast.  The book will mainly deal with Green Lanterns John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Ganthet.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors in addition to having an awesome name has an awesome writer.  Former Green Lantern Corps writer Peter J. Tomasi (who Rob has a man crush on) will be taking the reigns of this new title.  I am cautiously optimistic that this book will do well and I’ll tell you why.  While Peter did a bang up job on his previous duties in the lantern world, there was a time *cough* Nightwing *cough* when I wasn’t exactly a fan. I’m not sure he’s won my trust yet. And then of course the major bomb, the cast.  This new title will follow GUY GARDNER!!! Ugh! Who cares?! I’m all about the lovable asshole, but he’s just an asshole! I’ve never understood the appeal.  Well if you’re not a Guy Gardner fan don’t be too down cause this book will also have regular appearances from Kilowog. This book is gonna need to be pretty great to keep people interested with that cast.  Like I said I am hoping for the best.  As for art, this book will be drawn by Fernando Pasarin another newcomer.  I’m not sure why DC made the decision to put new guys on such huge books but hopefully they are up to the task.

That’s all the news for now, stay tuned.

Dana Shukartsi