Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Hawkeye & Piledriver

Published on February 26th, 2010

This week we’re going to take a look at a twin pack from the “Secret Wars” Marvel Universe line. This two-figure pack, (or as Hasbro likes to call it, this “twin pack”) is of Hawkeye & Piledriver. Im not going to bullshit you, I got this pack because I wanted a Hawkeye figure, I don’t really give a shit about Piledriver.

It also comes with a reprint of Secret Wars #9, but neither Hawkeye nor Piledriver show up in that issue. Well, now on with the review. Please note this review is for both figures, so I will score this from 1 to 20 since there are two figures this time around.

Package Description
Mighty Galactus begins his consumption of Battleworld, threatening the lives of every creature on the planet. With the army of villains, including Piledriver, safely locked away and out of commission, Hawkeye and the other heroes are free to concentrate all of their power on the cosmic menace. Little do they know, however, that Doctor Doom continues to act in the background, condemning them all!

Piledriver is just like the Captain America figure without all the cool stuff on his paint job. This could be because he has one of the worst costume designs in all of comics; and he also has the same sculpt. Hasbro did a very nice paint job, I just feel bad that he does not have anything fun on his costume. It’s just red, white and blue.

When you see this Hawkeye figure, you know you’re looking at him. Hasbro did a great job on all the stuff that makes his costume an icon in comic history. They did a hell of a job with his quiver, armbands, belt, his loincloth/tunic and shoulder armor. The armbands and quiver are a great touch, and they are both easily removable.

I love the “H” on his mask, but some of the paint fell off when I took it out of the package, which sucks. But it still looks great, and they did a GREAT job with the bow and arrows, but more on that later..


Piledriver and Hawkeye both have what you get with the Marvel Universe line of figures; the ball jointed neck, ball-post shoulders, bicep cuts, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, ball-post torso, ball-socket hips, double-hinge knees, leg cuts at the boot top and hinge ankles.

Honestly Hawkeye is the key figure in this set since he comes with a bow and arrow.. but there is a BIG WTF. He can’t hold his arrow. I literally had to tie it to his hand with a rubber band after I took these photos. You can have a lot of fun with this figure, and most of these figures have for all fans, like myself. I feel that if they fix the torso issue that I have with the Marvel Universe line they would be great.

Final Judgment 15/20
Hawkeye would be a 10, but because that he can’t hold his arrow I had to give him a 9. I still love this figure though, and I have him on my desk right now with some of my favorite figures of all time. I can’t wait for them to make a Mockingbird figure to put next to this one.

I feel bad but over all, as Piledriver only got a 5 since the design of his costume is nothing to phone home about, it is just.. there.

Overall this two-pack is great. I have one more two-pack I will be reviewing in a few weeks, but I am going to keep my eyes open for more on these two-packs.

Simon Daoudi