POW January 13th 2010:Daytripper #2

Published on January 20th, 2010

Welcome to the Comic Impact Pick of the Week podcast. Join Simon, Sheldon and Dana as they discuss the best comics that January 13th had to offer. This weeks pick managed the impossible as the Vertigo Guy and Aspenite, Simon and Dana, were in agreement about the best comic of the week!

Dana had the pick this week and after hours of debating chose Daytripper 2 by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. She also shares her concern that the contents of Batgirl 6 are pointing to the inevitable death of Dick Grayson.

Simon has an emotional moment talking about Joe Kelly’s take on Rhino in Amazing Spider-man 617 and was pleasantly surprised  by Catwoman 83. Sheldon offers his two cents and confesses that there is a Captain he loves more than Captain America! He also gives another shout out to Georgia based Heroes and Villains which is of course our comic book store of the month. Meanwhile Rob takes a time-out as punishment for using a ghetto microphone that makes him sound like a robot alien. As a result this episode is at least 30% less British.

The gang discusses all this as well as Invincible Iron Man 22, The Marvels Project 5, Adventure Comics 6 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer 31.

Dana Shukartsi


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