Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Visison

Published on January 22nd, 2010

Figure Friday is back and this time around we are going to look at Marvel Universe 3 3/4 Vision.This figure is part of the new Second Series. The numbering on the series has restarted at 001 and this figure is number 006 .There’s no difference between series one and this series when it comes to the figure. The packaging  will have art work by .Mike Degado. The theme for 2010 is Dark Reign and H.A.M.M.E.R, and the content will be driven by Norman and his impact on the Marvel Universe. We told you all this at Comic Con last year.

Package Description
Originally created by Ulton to destroy the Avengers, Vision became more than his monstrous creator could ever hope to be. He broke away from his programming, motivated by an innate desire to do right by those he had been built to battle. His phenomenal intelligence and phasing powers made him incaluable to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. He served loyally for many years, finding friendship and eventually love on the team.

He feels a lot shorter then what I imagine Vision to be. The paint job is great, very shiny. Hasbro seems to loves this new shiny paint, I’ve see it on a few new figures and I enjoy it too. The sculpting is pretty good I am not a big fan of his cape since it does not come off, It’s not a huge deal and would work great if they make a Dr strange figure one day. I do feel like I have seen this sculpt on some other Marvel Universe figure such as Silver Surfer but it’s ok because of the great paint job. I love the metallic green and yellow finish, with a few black detail lines NICE JOB Hasbro.


He has ball style shoulders, swivel biceps, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, a ball style chest, swivel waist, ball hips, double hinged knees, and hinge/swivel ankles. He also has the issue I have with a lot of these Marvel Universe Figures. That is, that their torsos feel like they will break if I play with the figure. Again, this sucks when it comes to dynamic poses. Yet this figure has excellent articulation. Still I don’t want to test it out and break it. I just wish they would work on fixing that torsos issue.

Final Judgment 7/10
This figure is ok it’s not terrible to have in your collection. What makes it great is the paint job. However, if I was not posting these reviews or trying to get a set of , I would not get this figure. Maybe if you’r a fan of Vision you would but this figure is kind of let down after you open it. He does come with a display stands that makes me happy.

Simon Daoudi