D.Pooly Siege #3 Variant Cover in Indahouse

Published on January 22nd, 2010

Do you remember last  week when we posted about the  Deadpool  variant Siege #3. That Retailers can get if they send back some stripped covers of some Blackest Night tie ins. Well guess what? That’s right, we now know what the cover looks like. My guess is that J. Scott Campbell or Deadpool him self is a fan of Ali G because this cover makes me think  a lot of the  character invented by  Sacha Baron Cohen.


Now what do you think it will go for on ebay?  How much would you pay for it? That is the true question. Myself, I am not a big variant guy. Out of all my comics and we’re talking around 15 long boxes. I only have maybe 5 or 6 variants. I care more about the story then a cover.

Simon Daoudi