Tea Time Thursday: The Sisterhood

Published on December 3rd, 2009

Welcome back to another Tea Time Thursday, where each week I do an article where I cover purely British comics, created and published within the United Kingdom, a country I can so ‘luckily’ can call home. Cast your minds back to the last week when I gave an overview on the annual Leeds Thought Bubble comic convention, you’ll perhaps remember me saying that next week (which is this week) I would put up an interview I did with Steve Tanner. I’m afraid you will have to forgive me, if you were expecting the interview, as I’ve not had the time to type it up yet. But instead, I read one of Steve’s latest comics which I luckily got the chance to pick up at the con, and so I shall discuss this fine comic right here, right now, for you folks reading my article.

This comic is called ‘The Sisterhood: Morningstar’, and its Time Bomb Comics’ first comic to be published in full colour, so having enjoyed their comics I’d read before in black and white form, I was excited to feast my eyes on a colour comic! It’s a one shot as well, as is the usual Time Bomb Comics’ way, so its easy to digest as just a cool single story!

sisterhoodcover2Written by Steve Tanner, and with art by a new artist to the line, Dan Barritt (who I met at least year’s Thought Bubble convention, a lovely chap), this is a creepy comic. Not so much creepy as in horror and monsters, as some of Steve’s previous comics have been. But more creepy in the twisted sense. This comic is a chilling read, its twisted and it’s raw. The story’s concept is perhaps a tad contrevertial to some religious onlookers, but all in all, it should be accepted as fun. Although within the world we live today, I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t warn about such things, then someone would pay for it. Heh. So basically, the concept is that in the future, the Christian faith has developed into a pretty much somewhat (from my perspective of reading this comic) dominating cult, that wants to convert any planet of unequal faith, or no faith, to believe in their God. This futuristic vision of an extreme Christian faith, hold an extremely deluded view on what is regarded as a sin, and what makes one a sinner. If you do not believe in God, then you will be forced to, usually by violence . If a people or a planet refuse to be convertered, and if things get messy in a war that started over a refusal to convert, then the high leaders of the religion send in an elite fight-force of Christian soldiers, called The Sisterhood. They are deadly, they are insane, they will torture you, and they will kill you thirty times over if they have too, until you annouce a faith in God.

It’s grim stuff, and its twisted. But in a totally good way. No one shoot me down here for saying this, but its not often you see a group of girls in comics going all out violent in this way in a comic book, and it was awesome to see something I never thought I’d see on this level. The action is intense, and it’s glorious (no pun intended, ha) to look at. There is a lot of great backstory thrown in on how this specific war started, and on how one of the Sisterhood women was converted herself, and it adds to the depth of the story giving it something to back upon and give the story a solid spine of continuity. The dialouge is great, what can I say, it’s hardly awful. This was a thrilling read, from start to finish, I have no complaints here. You are pumped as the fights continue, and you don’t want to put the comic down, even if the telephone won’t stop ringing in the background.

Dan Barritts artwork was also a real treat. I was a little offputting at first, and probably in a naive way, because it seemed too manga-esque for me, and a bit too cartoony. But there were some two-page colour landscapes in here, of whole battlegrounds that blew me away, and I couldnt say a bad thing about it. Even though it is undeniably, slightly cartoony, there is gore and it’s violent to fit along perfectly with the violent plot. The colouring and tone of colour in this comic is great as well, it’s got a nice colour palette of smooth oranges and blood red skies! Very nice stuff indeed.

I know it’s hard for me to give a horror comic a bad name, but I prefered this to Timb Bomb Comic’s previous horror story of ‘Dick Turpin & The Relentless Dead’ . I still like that book a lot, but this really shocked me, and it was more than what I expected in terms of strong story and especially artwork!

To get your grubby mits on a copy for yourself of this very comic. Head on over to www.timebombcomics.com and order a copy. They are available in the US, and are distributed throughout the UK. This one shot costs £3.00, and for US people it’s priced at $4.00.

Next week I shall have the interview with the writter of this comic and more, so come back for that if you want (which you do of course), and see you soon!

Rob  Andrews