Sneak Peek: The Return of Bruce Wayne

Published on December 9th, 2009

It has just been announced that Bruce Wayne is set to return to DC Comics in April 2010, after his controversial death in Final Crisis. Grant Morrison is set to write the story that will tell his return. Many people (including myself) will be annoyed to hear that he is returning so soon, thus making his return from the greay beyond yet another controversial happening for the character.

The new returning series for Bruce, is set to be called ‘Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne’ and has a description already.

Lost in the timestream, believed to be dead by his friends and enemies alike, Bruce Wayne must use every bit of intelligence, every ounce of strength and training he’s acquired over the years to find his way back to the city, and adopted family of vigilantes, he’d left behind.


Grant Morrison has been in control of a lot of the Batman related books recently, and was responcible for the reasonably well recieved series ‘Batman: R.I.P’ that started this epic saga revolving around Bruce Wayne and the Bat family. It should be an interesting return, and one that many will have mixed opinions on. But I for one, will keep my predictions close to my chest, and just wait it out to see what Morrison has instore.

Some sketches have been released of preview concept artwork by Andy Kubert, that suggest Bruce is set to return in the Caveman era, not in this usual fixed continuity time slot. Which to me sounds a little like what happened with Captain America: Reborn.

Rob  Andrews