Tea Time Thursday: Thought Bubble 2009

Published on November 26th, 2009

So last Saturday I went to the annual ‘Thought Bubble’ comic convention in Leeds closeby to where I live. This year’s event was the third since it started. I went last year, so this was the second time I’d been to this specific convention, and I’m going to give the lowdown on what happened, and my experiences from the day. It was a long day, let me tell you that!

comic-con-012So the convention opened at 10am, but I did not arrive until bang on midday, as last year I got there at 10 and had seen everything by 1pm. So I went a bit later and got around everything at a good steady pace. This year’s con was much bigger in the amount of people walking around, there were many many more cosplayers than compared to last year’s event. I think the popular boom in the superhero and manga world of late has given way to a wider audience and the appeal this year was probably greater.

You had so many different stalls, just like any convention I suppose, where you have the writers and artists alley, the small press boothes, the comic and manga sellers and also the figure and toy sellers. This year I saw some really amazing small press comics and managed to pick a few up, I was looking at the comics in the horror genre this year and managed to pick up one specific comic which looks really amazing, called ‘Gothic’ by David Hitchcock, which I will review at some point soon! I also managed to pick up a copy of Iron Man #128, which you Marvel fans should realise is an iconic cover for the Iron Man character. I picked up a whole bunch of cool new Timb Bomb Comics, and got an interview with friend and creator at TBC, Steve Tanner which you can catch on Comic Impact next week!

With big names like Frank Quietly, Ben Templesmith, Cameron Stewart, Mike Carey and many more attending, it was a great opportunity for fans to meet their comic book idols and to get stuff signed, for example I got my copies of Batman & Robin signed by Frank Quietly who was a really nice guy. Mike Carey I managed to catch a few words with, and he was excited for his upcoming projects with the X-Men at Marvel, and says good things about upcoming stories with his Vertigo series, ‘The Unwritten’.

There were panel discussions going on throughout the day, and even though I didn’t manage to catch any, I heard they were decent from talking to people I’d met outside the con at various intervals.

All in all this is a great convention, and talking to some creators, stall owners and fellow comic fans, it’s regarded by many as one of the best UK conventions. I’d agree, because to me, the social aspect of this convention is so great, you meet so many great people who share a common interest for all things comic related and it only adds to the awesome experience. I suppose most cons are like this, but the Leeds con is apparantly (and in my opinion) one of the best in the UK.

Tune in next week when I’ll be posting an interview with creator and writer for Timb Bomb Comics, Steve Tanner, who kindly gave up some of his time at the con to share a few words. We talk about his upcoming books, his experiences at the convention, and his influences in books such as Dick Turpin & The Restless Dead, and Ragamuffins (which I’ve reviewed on Tea Time Thursday in the past). I’ll have a review of David Hitchcock’s ‘Gothic’ comic soon as well for your reading pleasure!

I cannot wait for next year’s convention, and apparantly, to make it even more exciting, there is meant to be a huge guest at next years convention. Rumour has it, it’s one of the following three people… Grant Morrison, Alan Moore or Brian Lee O’ Malley. Who knows? They are just rumours, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Rob Andrews