Tea Time Thursday :Pre Thought Bubble 2009

Published on November 19th, 2009

Goodness me, guess what I’m going to talk to you about this week for Tea Time Thursday? A comic convention that Im going to be attending, and what Im expecting from it compared to my opinions from last years event. Well truthfully, most of you won’t have heard of the UK’s, Thought Bubble comic convention held in Leeds that is opening tomorrow (Saturday 21st).


It’s an annual arts and literature convention, held over 3 days, but on the Saturday of that 3 day period, is when the comic convention is held. Each year it welcomes guests from all aspects of the comic book industry, from those big names working at Marvel & DC, to up and coming creators, just like any other comic convention.

When I went last year, it was my first time to the event, and my first time to a comic convention ever as a matter of fact. I had a blast, I loved it! The atmosphere of being surrounded by everything and anything to do with comic books, and people who like them just as much as you do, its great, its a feeling I find hard to describe. If you’ve been to a convention then you know the feeling of sheer excitment that Im talking about.

What did I like about last years convention? The guests.. there were some big names there, and for such a small convention (it aint no SDCC) it was really surprising to see people like Mike Carey, Mark Millar, Adi Granov, Alex Maleev and many more. We do get the English based writers, not many Americans. For example this year we have Andy Diggle, Kev Walker, Paul Cornell to name but a few, so Im looking forward to meeting those guys. Secondly, the stalls.. people selling their old comics, I managed to swipe up for killer issues of Conan from the late 60’s/erly 70’s when he was back at Marvel, and I managed to complete my run on Madman Atomic Comics by getting those odd two or 3 issues I had missed from the start of the run.

Meeting the various creators and getting some sketches perhaps, it’s all great stuff and because this convention is quite small (as I mentioned) its a very social event, a lot of interaction between the fans and the creators. I liked that about last years convention, being able to chat with Mike Carey as he was just sat on his chair behind a fold-out table with a white cloth thrown over it.. we’re not talking about huge thrones that these guys sit on. Stav Johnson last year was a great guy to chat too about Deadpool, he didn’t understand why everyone loves him. So yeah, a very social event. I like that and hope its the same this year.

Generally Im just looking forward to having a great time.

Now, you may or may not be aware, but some of the writers and artists whose comics I have covered in Tea Time Thursday, will be attending as well. So expect an interview with Steve Tanner, the creator and main writer for Timb Bomb Comics and two of whose books I have covered before on TTT. Also expect some pictures from my experience, and expect me to be picking up some cool indie books to review for the future.


I love this pre-convention excitment, I can’t wait to get there.

If you’re in the area, then check out the site (www.thoughtbubblefestival.com) and come get your ticket on the day, and have a great time, meet some great people. I’ll be there, so what else do you want!

Rob Andrews