Tattoo of the Month: November 2009

Published on November 10th, 2009


Do you enjoy getting tattoos? do you a have cool comic book base ink that you would like to show the world? As a special feature here at Comic Impact, every month we talk with a fan of tattoos and comics. We’ll ask them why they got a part of comic book history ink displayed on their skin for all eternity!

This month we got Alex from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Talking to us about his love of the X-Men and found out what happened to during a carnival this year when someone saw his X-Men ink.

1. What is your name? Alex Lords

2. How old are you and where do you live? 34 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

3. Do you read comics and if so what do you like to read? I do read comics. But i used to read more 6 year ago, now i read everything related to X-Men, Cable and Deadpool.

4. Do you have any favorite artists or writers? My favorite artists is Alex Ross, Joe Quesada and  Joe Madureira. My favorite writer is Alan Moore and Clive Barker

5. So what got you into tattoos? When I was a teenager my friends used to call me “mutant” for the fact that I was always reading X-Men Comics and I’m a big fan of Cyclops’s Son, Nathan Dayspring Summers also know Cable.

6. What is your comic book tattoo? My tattoo is a X-men Classic Logo that every student on Xavier’s School, the X-Men,  and the members of X-Force beared on their uniforms a few years ago.

7. What made you want to get that as your tattoo? Perhaps the simple fact that was a big fan of comics since was 10 years old, X-Men specially, and I’m always saying to my friends that I’m never tired because i´m a real mutant.

8. How long did it take? It Took around 2 Hours to get ready.


9. Where did you get it done? At my old friend’s Lango studio called Langovsk Tattoo here in Rio.

10. Have you ever met any of the artists or writers whose work  your tattoo is based on? In brazil that’s almost impossible.

11. Do people know about your comic book tattoo?
All my friends know about it, usually people on the streets, specially X-Men Fans, come to see it closer and praise it.

12. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you when someone saw it? During the Carnival in 2009 I’ve met a woman dressed with Storm’s Costume, she immediately  call me to took a picture and was always smiling at me.

13. Are you hoping to get more comic book ink? Sure. The next one will be the Arashikage clan sign, this symbol is used  by the Ninja Snake Eyes from G.I Joe, it will be made on my forearm, and then I intend to get a tattoo on the chest like the mutant X-Man used just before he died.

14. What do you like to do when you’re not getting tattoos- such as where do you work and what kind of music do you like? I work as webdesigner on a Web developer company, I’m always looking for good films and reading pulp fictions. At the moment I’m  really interested in Motion Comics, I’m checking the MCs based on Watchmen now and my preferred music styles are Hard Rock, Thrash Metal and some Nu Metal.

15. Great do you have a website or a myspace? I have  profiles on both social networks Facebook and Orkut.

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Simon Daoudi