Manga Monday: Comic Party

Published on November 2nd, 2009


Any comic book artist, be that professional or hobbiest understands how difficult it is trying to make it and fitting into the ‘normal’ world and our geek world together truly is. Comic Party is a manga that focuses on just that. First let me explain quickly what the Japanese word ‘dōjinshi’ actually means. Well a dōjinshi artist is somebody who draws manga for a hobby or what they do while they are trying to make it famous. Any manga they do produce is often self-published and using the characters of other artist.

Comic Party is all about an artist called Kazuki who was very reluctantly dragged by his best friend to an anime convention. While there he finds his true calling: As a manga-dojinshi artist! Suddenly he finds himself thrown head first into the ultimately geeky world and his grip on the ‘normal’ world is slowly being lost as he attempts to draw the best dojinshi possible. Yet life long friend Mizuki won’t let him go without a fight as she constantly tries to drag him back.

Comic Party is ultimately a comedy manga and is hugely popular despite is being short, at only 5 books long. Yet it did boast a 13 episodes long anime. Even better is that, for those who already love manga, Comic Party spoofs some of the greatest ever made, from Gundam wing to Evangelion and is done well and is very funny. Admittedly, if you are not a hardened manga geek, some of the humour will be lost on you. However, the beautiful art work won’t. It has the typical manga style, you know the one, big eyes, pretty girls and sailor uniforms. Bliss.

So if you want something that you migt be scared to admit that you can relate to, something cheap and something you can get a laugh out of, Comic Party is defiantly the way to go!

Comic Party *might* have also been a hentai game, but you know, you guys know how not to use Pirate Bay.

Hollie ‘pass my penicl’ Bennett