Tea Time Thursday: Punks In Space #3

Published on October 22nd, 2009

So, my children of the night, you have decided to join me for yet another Tea Time Thursday have you now? Well then, prepare to meet you maker, mwahaha! I really need to stop doing such lame introductions. But regardless, yes, as are more than likely aware, that if you’re reading this, then you are here for a reason, and that is too read my review of Punks In Space #3! If you arn’t here for that, then you are probably on drugs and should go take some more or whatever, as this won’t interest you while you’re on a bend!

covere3ekm214x300ekmPunks In Space #2 last week pretty much blew me away, and if you’ll have read my article you’d know that. So it was a total no brainer that I should pick up the following issue this following week.

This time we see Mary, who in attempt to save Stu and Twig from the freeze ray, gives them both a tab of stong acid. But Stu refuses to take it and gets forzen, whereas Twig takes them both and ends up on a complete high for the whole issue, which proves for some funny moments, especially if you’ve been in the same situation he has! Then you can fully appreciate it! This issue is filled with funny moments, there is a bit where Stu has been proped up, upside down once frozen, and we can see his thoughts in the little thought bubble panels, and it’s hilarious to read his commentary on what’s going on around him when no one else can hear him.

While Mary and Tracy try and switch the strong engines from her ship, onto the outer shell of Tracey’s (Stu’s) spaceship. It’s a big task, and it needs all of the remaining 3 crew members to pull it off, but they do it! Not with much help from Twig thought, who as I mentioned spends the entire issue high on acid.

The ship end’s up being built and everyone is on board ready to go off in search of a nearby pud, or off-licence! Hopefully one can be found on a local planet that has over 400 clubs and bars apparantly! So next issue should see the punks jetting off to this little planet in search of more booze to keep them sane, and to keep them from not saving the world!

Yet again, this another really exciting issue and the centre page feature artwork (mini poster) is awesome. Harry managed to not let down on his usual writing and artist talent, he keeps the humour, the story and the art up to a good, usual pace that we are used to!

I would love to say, fellow readers, that next week I will be reviewing #4 of Punks In Space. But alas, I’m afraid I am going to be taking a quick holiday to Scotland. Think of me, while I’m on my 11 hour jounrey to the nothernist part of the United Kingdom! But stay tuned for the following week where I will be on track after my relaxing holiday in a norseman’s paridise!

Rob Andrews