Reviews: Guardians Of The Galaxy Legacy

Published on October 20th, 2009

Kicking Trade Tuesday back off (hopefully to a flying start) this week, I, Rob, aim to review the first trade paper back of a recently revived series from Marvel Comics, one which I feel would put an extra twenty years of life back into any octogenarian, by just reading it. Although not a proven belief, I still believe it would do just that, so back off, or at least back off so far that you walk yourself into your local comic store and pick yourself up a copy of Guardians Of The Galaxy: Legacy.

guardiansofthegalaxylegacyLegacy is the first trade paper back (so that’s volume 1 my friends) collecting #1 through 6, of this second series of Guardians of the Galaxy.  I really need not say who wrote this, as they are the infamous duo, whose literary reign over Marvel’s cosmic line of books recently, has gained them nothing but hard respect from anyone who looks upon their back catalouge of outstanding comics. They are Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning! (Disclaimer, the views expressed above, are the overly enthusiatic views of Rob Andrews alone, he does not by any means speak on behalf of the whole Comic Impact crew, tee hee). Also, with  this comic featuring the glorious artwork of Paul ‘try spelling my surname off the top of your head’ Pelletier.

What goes on in this trade is complicated, and believe me when I say its one of those series where you cannot miss an issue and think its OK to not catch up on it. With Guardians Of The Galaxy, you are most likely to miss out on something huge with regards to the continuity if you do miss just a single issue, which is why I say to fans, please do go back and start reading here.  Or you would have trouble understanding frequent referrences in future issues. Having said that though, this by no means makes this trade (and this series in general) , a bad trade. Infact, it’s the complete opposite of that. This is currently one of my favourite Marvel series, and this trade really kicks the ball into motion for the Guardians. We see introductions of long lost characters from a generation of Guardians once forgotten by many, we see huge disputes within the team itself, we see angry, evangelical religious cults, we see Skrulls, and we even see time travelling, sex-changing superheroes. But most of all, we see nothing but awesomeness.

With tie-ins to major events such as Secret Invasion, and even early stages of events set up for the recent cosmic thriller, War of Kings, this trade proves to be a heck of a lot of fun. It’s clever, it’s humourous, I’m sure it’s even got a kitchen sink in there somewhere (if you see one let me know).

Final words on this killer first volume, from one of my favourite on-going Marvel Comics series at the moment? Pick this baby up. You will not be disappointed. ‘Nuff Said.

Rob Andrews

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