Pull List: October 7th 2009

Published on October 8th, 2009


Hey fans of comics! Sorry the pull list is a tad late, I am still recovering from Long Beach and trying to get you some awesome footage we shot. But here we go for the week of October 7, 2009…

Sheldon is geeking out over DareDevil 501. Rob may have a new favorite horror book in Robert Kirkman’s Haunt. And me, I have the power of grey skull, oh wait no I don’t. I have the pick of the week! I am excited to read Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth and finally my boy Deadpool joins The X-Men.

Rob’s Pull List

Sheldon’s Pull List

Simon’s Pull List

Make sure to come back Monday as the Pick of the Week (POW) is back to it’s normal schedule or as normal as we get around here.

Simon Daoudi