POW October 14th 2009:Soulfire #1

Published on October 19th, 2009

Join Dana and Simon as they go over the best comics of  October 14th 2009. Rob and Sheldon are missing in action this week, Rob seems to be fancying a deer and Sheldon…well you’ll find out why he was missing below. The dynamic duo discuss everything from a galaxy far far away to magic reborn…

Star Wars Invasion #0,  had Simon perplexed since #5 is due out in a few weeks. Blackest Night Batman #3 might just have a connection between ice and white lanterns. Is there a  possible romance between Red Robin and Superboy in Adventure Comics # 3 Find out why Dick is the greatest detective as he finds something interesting about his family history in Batman #691 . Uncanny X-Men #516  got simultaneous thumbs down on the artwork but thumbs up on seeing Magneto again. Deadpool 900 was loved by both Dana and Simon since they enjoy fun, and since Sheldon does not, and was openly offended by Deadpool’s awesomeness, he decided to skip the podcast.

Dana stood up and announced to the world that she is an Aspenite when she picked Soulfire #1 as the Pick of the Week. For more on Soulfire read Dana’s extended review and make sure you watch the 100th show with interviews from both JT Krull and Beth Sotelo.


Dana Shukartsi

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