Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Iron First

Published on October 16th, 2009

This week where going to take at look at a Comic Impact favorite since Dana, Sheldon and Rob are all fans of the Iron Fist character.

Will this Marvel Universe figure make Rob fight Sheldon for his figure or will it just go in the trash?

Package Description
Daniel Rand is the current bearer of the immortal power of the IRON FIST. He is a living weapon, empowered with the mystical energy of the otherworldly city K’un-Lun. Trained by the immortal fighter Lei Kung the Thunderer, he was already an exceptional fighter when he faced and defeated the dragon Shou Lou, and took his power. With that power, he is capable of healing injuries, adapting to almost any environment, and striking his opponents with superhuman force

This figure is very tall and super skinny just like the Human Torch figure in the line. You can tell that Hasbro has just reused the scale which is a problem for me. I love buying figures, not buying a copy of another figure. On top that I hate this basic body sculpt. The proportions look off, Iron Fist is not that skinny.

His muscles are too exaggerated on his chest. His hands come across as a little big and he has no fucking FISTS. He’s a martial artist WTF? Come on Hasbro what’s up with that? His name is IRON FIST. I guess someone over at Hasbro has never read an Iron Fist comic book before.

His mask is sculpted-on. I wish it were cloth. I know it would not help this figure visually but it would make for a better figure as a whole. His face is a bit sad. I would be too if my i could not hold my flame in my hand. Check out the video if you’d like to see what I am talking about.


He doesn’t really seem to take full advantage of a diverse articulation model like many other figures in the line. Yet just like The Human Torch he has NO balance so it is hard to have some cool dynamic poses. He is not that cool, which sucks if you ask me.

Overall 2/10
For around $10 save your money and get yourself another figure. Unless you are a die hard fan of Iron Fists in which case why not. I just don’t think he’s the greatest figure. I know Hasbro can do a lot better than this.

Simon Daoudi