Figure Friday: Blackest Night Atrocitus

Published on October 23rd, 2009

By now I am sure you know about  DC’s/Geoff Johns BIG event Blackest Night. Now we find out how the toys hold up. This week we’re going to take a look at the all new DC Direct  Blackest Night series #1 Red Lantern Atrocitus figure. Red is the rage lantern, will I have rage after this review?

Package Description

Gathering beings that possess great anger and hate from across the universe, The Red Lantern Corps is dedicated to destroying Sinestro and the Green Lantern Corps. Atrocitus,who is responsible for the death  of Abin Sur,was the first to forge a red lantern power battery and power ring,utilizing the powers of blood and rage.


Atrocitus the Red Lantern is an all-new sculpt and is GREAT! He looks like he is going to kick your ass and your going to enjoy it.  He is taller then the Hal Jordan in both the DCU and the Green Lantern lines from a few years back.

One of the things that is making me have rage is,he’s painted in a vibrant metallic red ( All the Lanterns are  done like this with the color of there power ring.)  Also his shoulder pads are in a darker molded red and that makes him look a bit off. One other thing is the rage symbol feel like a sticker, I wish they would have taken more time on that.

I will say this is a great sculpt and feels like I am looking right at Atrocitus. He also comes with a red lantern power battery and stand with the red lantern logo,  just like the green lantern toys from a few years back. The sculptors went above and beyond to make one of the best faces I have seen on a figure in a long time.



Like all the DC Direct toys, they are not figures for kids, they’re more for adults. There’s not a lot of articulation on this figure, so if that’s what you are looking for, this is not for you.  There is very limited movement in his wrists and his head does not moveat all. The  collar come off, although not meant to.  My friend found this out while she was playing with hers at the store.

Final Judgment 5/10

Bottom line, I will say get this figure if you are looking for a Red Lantern because it doesn’t look like Mattel is going to be making one anytime soon. Also my local comic store ordered two cases and only received two of these. So you may want to act fast if you are thinking of buying one.  My current power ring is blue because I am hopeful the rest of the line will be as or better than this one. Stay tuned to ComicImpact for more on these figures.

Simon Daoudi