Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Union Jack

Published on October 9th, 2009

This week we’re going to take a look at Union Jack from Marvel Universe 3 3/4 line of figures. As many of you know I tend to have a bit of a Brit Boner so we thought it HIGHLY appropriate for me to review this figure. I also am a big fan of these figures as a whole and feel that this figure stands out amongst the Iron men and Spider guys! I also am a big Union Jack fan…check out my Trade Tuesday on the Union Jack TPB.

Package Description
His strength and reflexes enhanced by the ancient, mystical Power of the Pendragon, Union Jack serves England and her people. Though his primary purpose is to defend his homeland from the ravages of the undead, vampires are in short supply these days. He works mostly alongside agents from MI-5 and MI-13, defending the British Isles against all those who mean them harm.

Well Union Jack or Joey Chapman as his friends call him looks exactly how he looks in the current Marvel Universe. He is wearing the one piece dark navy blue out fit with the large Union Jack  going down the front and back. He also has a vintage looking brown utility belt with a holster for his Webley  .45 and his knife. He has little red belts around his ankles and wrist that are inline with his current costume.


Union Jack has some really top notch joints so there are plenty of chances for you to pose him in many bad ass ways! He has the ability to have his torso turn as well as his wrists, head and ankles. His legs have the knee joint so there are more chances for you to pose this character.All in all you can do some great poses and he seems to be able to balance well with out any help from a foot stand.

Final Judgment 10/10
This is easily one of the best figures of the whole Marvel Universe lot! The guys and girls over at Hasbro paid great attention to detail on a character that admittedly isn’t one of the biggest names in the Marvel U. Just getting the little unused lines on the  boots and the holster for the gun and the knife are pure fan boy stuff and they nailed it to the wall! If you can find this figure it is a must for the Marvel Universe collection. Here is hoping we see many more updated designs of characters! I mean I know I can’t be the only one tired of seeing the traditional Ironman or Spiderman outfit out there every time. Lets hope they show love to the current Marvel Universe and start putting out  updated versions of Moon Knight or even all the Dark Avengers!!Who’s with me?!

Sheldon Lee