Tea Time Thursday: 2000AD #1654

Published on September 24th, 2009

It’s another Thursday, which means another Tea Time Thursday for you readers at Comic Impact. As I promised, I’m still continuing too follow up on my report of the current story about Strontium Dog in the 2000AD comic at the moment.

This week it’s Chaper Four in ‘The Mork Worshipper’ storyline. If you’re not up to speed on what’s been going on in this story, or perhaps am confused as to why I am covering this story, then do check back on the previous few TTT’s I’ve published recently over the past few weeks. Everything will be made clear there.

9f3bb14e-49a5-4c8d-b474-c21ad45d619eSo anyway, let’s waste no time and get down to business as usual. Chapter four gets off to flying start, or perhaps I should say that it ‘rockets’ off instead of ‘flies’ off, as we’re instantly thrown a few yards ahead of the story into the future here. Which sounds highly confusing I’m sure, and yes, I was confused too. It seems that ever since the events of chapter three, in which Alpha went back in time to try and find out what happened to Andromeda Gullit (Mr Galatic’s wife) and her two sons, this chapter (as far as I’m aware) just assumes that you, the reader, should know that the story has switched back to regular continuity once again… I wasn’t so sure at fisrt, and I’m still not 100% sure whether the story is currently still in continuity or if its still taking place in the past. This was not helped at all, by the panels dipicting two versions of Johnny Alpha in the same shot, but with different colouring, so therefore it was very hard to tell if it was a figure of the real Johnny Alpha’s imagination.

But in terms of how the story developed, regardless of whether it is in continuity or not, it seems as though Alpha and his team of rogue mutants are finally cathing the scent of Mr Galatic’s wife and kids. They’ve managed to track them down (through much interigation and hard work from the looks of things, which could land them in a heap of trouble) to a mutant inhabited, ‘Mork’ ranch (‘Morks’ are basically alien cattle, but they look like Ostriches) on the planet Amorak.

That’s it, we’re left on a real cliff hanger as always. It’s a real pickle, and to be honest, even though I feel like this story is going somwhere now, and even though it’s still being written and drawn to the best of its ability, this issue was a little confusing. As it didnt explain how Alpha came (or didnt come) out his time-travel experience from the previous issue/chapter. I just suppose we’ve got too assume whatever we want to assume. Regardless however, it’s still going well, and I am enjoying the art and the story.

If you want to check out more 2000ad stories, then head over too www.2000ADonline.com, where you can pretty much find out anything you want too about this comic. It costs £1.90 in the UK, and can be found at most comic stores and newsagents.

Rob Andrews