Sneak Peek: Realm Of Kings

Published on September 28th, 2009

War of Kings is over! It’s finished, we’re done with that! Regardless of what you thought of War of Kings, it’s time to move on say Abnett and Lanning, whose reign over the Marvel Cosmos is arguably the work of Gods!

Roll in a new cross over event with many new tie ins, called ‘Realm Of Kings’. All I can say is that it looks mighty promising! What with the big battle between Vulcan and Black Bolt opening a fault in the universe, it also opens up the opportunity for more awesome cosmic stories. Although if you’re like Jack Flag, then you won’t want in on this, if you read Guardians of the Galaxy, that’ll make sense too you!


Realm of Kings kicks off in Novemeber with a One Shot dubbed  simply ‘Realm of Kings’, and then (much like WoK’s did) it branches off into another 2 mini series entitled ‘Realm of Kings: Inhumans’, and ‘Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard’.

Naturally, it will also tie in with the popular Nova, and Guardians of the Galaxy comics, for 5 issues each (Nova #31-35, and GotG #20-24).

Rob Andrews