Pull List: September 30th 2009

Published on September 30th, 2009


Another week roles on by, and we move into a whole fresh week for new released. So let’s see what the gang have pulled for themselves this time over. Rob’s come out of hiding this week after last week’s shockingly poor issue of Marvel Zombies: Returns gave him some sort of fever (there’s a lot of illness going around the CI staff at the moment).

Rob’s got the pick this week, will he go for Blackest Night: Titans #2, or perhaps the final issue of Marvel Zombies: Returns. Will Sheldon be fond of the second issue featuring Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man #607? Surely Dana is going to agree with Rob that Blackes Night: Titans #2 will kick some ass once again. But how about Simon… maybe Chris Claremont’s crazy X-Men: Forever #8?

Rob’s Pull List

Sheldon’s Pull List

Simon’s Pull List

Dana’s Pull List

Stay tuned for the POW podcast  on Monday to find out what comics rocked, and which comics didn’t make the cut.

Rob Andrews