POW September 10th 2009:Dark Reign The List Avengers #1

Published on September 14th, 2009

It’s Pick Of The Week time again everyone, and after Rob’s pick of Marvel Zombies Return: Spider-Man last week, the spotlight’s on Simon as he gets to choose his favourite comic this time round.

Join Simon, Sheldon & Rob, as they talk about what was hot and what was not this week in the world of comics! Thankfully, it’s a much better week for good comics, so they guys arn’t stuck at all for anything to discuss that won’t get them all giddy and excited!

By the way faithful listeners, Simon has the Marvel Zombies Fever, it’s a little like swine-flu, accept it didn’t originate on this planet, he got it when he went to Earth-Z and had breakfast with a zombie! But don’t worry, he’s as fit as a fiddle, it’s just he now just has a taste of human flesh.

Simon’s pick of the week is Dark Reign The List: The Avengers #1. But keep your ears tuned in, as Rob kick’s things off with a little bit of Marvel Zombies Return: Iron Man, before the guys settle in to discuss Ultimate Avengers #2, Kick-Ass #7, Blackest Night: Batman #2 (of 3), Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus One Shot & The Marvels Project.

Simon Daoudi


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