Disney Buys Marvel

Published on September 1st, 2009

It is war at the Comic Impact office as Sheldon, Dana, Butmac, Simon and long time listener Carlos team up for this special podcast. The story of the year, the milestone in comics…Disney buys Marvel. Will Dana go read Jonas Brothers vs Thunderbolts? Does Butmac love the idea of The Punisher and Goofy joining forces for a limited series? Does Simon think the Hulk Pooh bear is the best idea of all time? How does Sheldon feel about Ed Brubaker doing a Captain Mickey Reborn  story line?

All this and more on this episode of Comic Impact! Sorry there is no Trade Tuesday but this is kind of a big deal also feel free to  download this color page of Spider-Mickey. Color it and show it to all the cool kids at school your new favorite comic book hero.

For more on this story please check out  this links

Make sure to read the press release about Marvel joining the Disney family. Also Mark Wolfman’s Blog about The mouse of ideas.

Simon Daoudi


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