Collecting: Heroes of the DC Universe

Published on September 19th, 2009

DC Directs popular line of busts continues with its new series “Heroes of the DC Universe” which began with Hal Jordan then briefly detoured into a parallel line entitled “Heroes Villains of the DC Universe” lead by Lord Darkseid himself.


The second in the series was ironically enough Batman.These busts continue the tradition of fantastic sculpts and dynamic poses from its predecessor “Women of the DCU”. Hal’s outstretched arm, fist clenched doing battle with an intergalactic foe, Darkseid arms akimbo taking in the sight of his domain and the Batman senses sharp, ready to swing into action after hearing a distant cry.

batmanbusts glbusts

The one gripe was the lack of the rich colors used in the Women of the DCU line, but with future prototypes on display at San Diego Comic-Con DC Direct seems to have remedied the problem. Future pieces in the series include the likes of Superman, Aquaman, the Flash, Green Arrow and Captain Marvel. Pick these up for $65.00 bucks before the line makes the jump to a $70.00 price tag.

Sebastian Gordils