Tea Time Thursday: Nightbus #1

Published on August 26th, 2009

It’s cold. It’s dark. You’ve just gotten off the bus after a day’s work. You’ve walked yourself home, and you’re opening the front door. You look forward to stepping in, putting on the heating and getting a good nights sleep. But sadly, you’re also a peadophilic rapist, so instead of dozing off to slumberland, you’re tied to a chair and being interigated.

Welcome to this week’s Tea Time Thursday everyone, and welcome to the first issue of Chris Jones and Gary Bainbridge’s realistically graphic, vigilante comic book called ‘Nightbus’. This was a great first issue, it really was bloody brilliant believe you me. Hopefully that introduction (which was loosely based around the first story you get in this issue) successed in grabbing your attention to this neat comic.

l_eccc55c8163ab8c734fcaa4f214db5a9Nightbus is about these two friends in modern day Newcastle, called Conrad and Cesar, who decide to become vigilantes to help out those who need to be helped on the streets. Theyre not superheroes, even though they may read comic books, theyre just doing their bit to kick the crap out the sleazy scum bags who are haunting the streets of Britain come nightfall, which in a way compliments the realistically twisted and increasingly dark society England has fallen into these past few years.  This issue collects 5 little stories which are easy to digest, and link into each other in terms of continuity.

They’re very well written and hold together nicely with the structure and dialouge alone, there is humour (dark though it may be at times), violance and even a little relationship input at play as well. It’s a very realistic story. It’s a good one too, it’s not as completely cliche as you might think, it does work well. You also get great characterisation in here as well which came as a surprise to me, and it really boosted the story up to a new level in my mind. The artwork works well too, it further’s the violent aspect of the book and sets a good tone!

The second story alone in here has a real Daredevil feel to it, in the way it depicts one of our vigilantes jumping across rooftops and onto a church at one point. It’s refreshing to see in a more realistic light, and it does make you aware (even more so if you live in the UK) of how scary out country has become. Thugs, drug dealers, rapists, we can’t really ignore them, and this comic doesn’t dumb things down for the readers. No sir, it gives you a realistic dose of modern day Britain, and it aint as chipper as you may have thought.

So for this main reason, I really did like this comic, it had a real punk vibe to it, which is a statement I can’t really ground any basis for, but there you go. I enjoyed this, and am hoping to pick up the second issue tomorrow! For £1.20 you can’t go wrong with these 5 little stories in here. Good job Chris and Gary!

If you want to try and get your hands on a copy, then head over to the publisher of this comic (‘Unterwelt Comics’) websites at www.unterweltcomics.blogspot.com, or check out their myspace at www.myspace.com/unterweltcomics.

Rob Andrews