Sequential Sunday: Ivan Brunetti

Published on August 2nd, 2009

For this week’s installment of “Sequential Sunday” I’ve decided to forgo my usual long-winded appreciation of an indie/alternative/underground artist and instead jump right into some examples of the artist in question: Ivan Brunetti. The work (in this case examples of Brunetti’s very dirty minded gag cartoons) pretty much speaks for itself. An overview more worthy of this particular artist will appear in a future post, but for now here’s some filth to brighten your Sunday afternoon. Also, for those who are underage or easily offended you are strongly advised to stop reading now.

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Here’s  the cover of Brunetti’s latest book published by the always brave folks at Fantagraphics:


Brunetti’s work is also a hoot in color, especially when the comedy target is drug addicts.

schizo 3 back cover

From the above one may find it unlikely that Ivan Brunetti is also great at creating comics that are thoughtful, melancholy, quietly profound and sentimental (but not overtly so.) Here  is a wordless panel featuring Brunetti himself.

Again, there are many more sides to Ivan Brunetti’s work than the few examples shown here and a future post will give more of an overview of the artist’s work s well as a look at the inspiration behind such a wickedly dark sense of humor. Brunetti’s comics and collections are published by Fantagraphics.

John Mueller