Collecting: JLA Trophy Room: Green Lantern Power Battery

Published on August 22nd, 2009

Just about every fan in Sector 2814 can say the oath, unfortunately we rarely have the tools to make it just that much cooler. DC Direct has the solution with the latest addition to the “JLA Trophy Room” series of replicas.

There have been Power Battery releases before and the gamut included Alan Scott and Abin Sur’s lanterns but this reissue is made that much sweeter by being cast in metal as opposed to the plastic of previous releases.


As much praise as I can give to this piece, what with its gorgeous metallic sheen, sturdy handle and metal ring which activates the magnetic trigger to light it up, this piece was plagued with quality control issues from dings, poor paint applications and styrofoam being imbedded in the paint making a quality one tough to come by. If your looking to join the corps be prepared to drop $395.00 bucks.

Sebastian Gordils