Collecting: Sideshow Black Queen

Published on August 8th, 2009

Comic Impact’s first official statue review is Sideshow’s Comiquette series designed by Adam Hughes. These statues embody the grace, power and beauty of Marvels line up of ladies. The most recent installment is the lovely Jean Grey as the Black Queen. Acting in part as a companion piece to the first in the series, Emma Frost as the White Queen. This statue is first and foremost sexy, now on to the review.

The paint couldn’t be finer; skin tone is on the pale side with a very natural look, and the highlights in the leather give it a somewhat weathered feel as opposed to doing a gloss that at times can make a piece look like plastic.


Out of the box there were no imperfections or poor paint applications, which can plague quality control. My one concern as with all statues with multiple parts is the build. The piece came in four pieces the statue, base, cloak and whip. The cloak being a little more complicated to position with no clear guideline or any connection to the base, just place Jean on the base fitting her into place on the base inside the cloak then gently situate the cloak into her hand with one section of the cloak designed to sit against her boot.

All in all this piece is gorgeous, from the leather corset with lacing that is separate from the body unlike the Emma showing an increase in quality and her shapely figure, to her cold piercing stare and the look of disdain on her face. There is also an exclusive version of the piece with a limited edition signed lithograph of Adam Hughes’ control art.


Pick this piece up while you can at your local comic book shop or online retailer for $149.99 or the exclusive for $164.99.

Sebastian Gordils