Reviews: JSA: The Next Age

Published on August 18th, 2009

Thanks for joining me here for my second Trade Tuesday, so this week I am going to be talking to you about one of my favorite TPB’s that came out not that long ago. It’s the first TPB of the latest Justice Society of America series, and I think you’ll understand why I think it’s so special when you hear me talk about it.


When it’s written by Geoff Johns and has artwork by Dale Eaglesham, you know your moneys been spent on something awesome and worthwhile, as these two creators are true professionals in their field. This is a prime example of how superior Johns’ work is at the moment, as I would say this TPB is a classic example of John’s best era of writing we’ve seen him in to date. It’s that good ladies and gentlemen, believe you me.

This TPB deals with the original JSA founders starting up the new society (I want to say ‘team’, but the JSA are not a team, as you will learn the further into this TPB you get) of superheroes to help rebuild the once great legacy that the JSA had back in the day, as after WW3 in the DCU; Batman and Superman want Jay Garrick and co to start the society back up again!

Immediatly, it seems obvious that this trade is going to be all about them recruiting new members for the society, and you’d be right there, that’s what this trade is about. But believe me once again when I say that it is simply not as boring, or as simple as ‘just recruiting new members’. In true Geoff Johns style (and I dont want to go on about how glorious he is too much, but he is pretty brilliant in my opinion) he manages to weave so many subplots into this, all done, without making it confusing in the slightest. This is one of the most enjoyable and digestable reads, regardless of how much story there is going on here, there and everywhere! So aside from being about recruiting new members, there is a main plot amidst all the subplots that stands true and keeps things moving well. The plot is about a group of Super Nazi’s with all very special superhuman powers, who are trying to wipe out the children of the original Commander Steel, and the JSA for that matter as well, for things they did during the war to their country. This half of the story is brought to the surface with pages featuring Mr. America who picks up a scent of a murder mystery early on, and it comes to horrific consequences, but it’s not as predictable as you may think. It takes many twists.

So you’ve got a heck of a lot of plots going on here, which all come together at the end and fuse nicely into continuity. All of this great Geoff Johns’ writing, is only made better by the beautiful artwork of Dale Eaglesham!

So this is certainly one TPB that if you havnt got already, then you should really check out sometime soon! If I can sink my teeth into this and enjoy it this much, then I know you can too.

Rob Andrews

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