Collecting: The Votes are in ….

Published on August 24th, 2009

Oh shit look who got the most votes in this year’s “Fan’s Choice Marvel Legends,”  it is  my boy Deadpool.  If you’re not sure what the Hasbro Fan’s Choice Marvel Legends is, here is the break down… Hasbro asked fans to vote for their favorite figure at San Diego Comic Con. Now the vote are in and it  looks like Deadpool ( I WANT HIM NOW) won, but he will be joined  by Valkyrie in 2nd and 3rd is the very sexy Black Widow.


That’s not all the staff over at Hasbro have to pick there  3 favorite. I am sure that David Vonner will want his paper bag spider-man. Keep your eyes open for an announcement on the Hasbro picks for this wave, coming soon!

Simon Daoudi