I am Batgirl

Published on August 20th, 2009

Hey all who have been impacted, I’m new to the site, so I thought I would post a little something about a comic that came out this week, Batgirl #1. Hopefully it’ll give you all a glimpse into the sick, opinionated head that is Dana.

Barbara Gordon is my favorite character.  I loved her as Batgirl, I love her as Oracle, and I’ll always hold onto my foolish hope that she’ll one day be Batgirl again. I SERIOUSLY doubt that will ever happen, but here’s to hoping.  I am writing this on the day the comic was released, I have gotten word that Batgirl has been revealed, but I can’t read it until I write this out, so here we go.

I DO NOT think Barbara will be Batgirl, so there are only a few other options really.  The popular choice for the reveal is Stephanie Brown (formerly Spoiler/Robin), along with a majority of fans, I think she is going to be the wearer of the cowl.  I do have to credit my boss for that original idea, as far as I can tell he came up with that before anyone else, and as I recall he didn’t really at the time have a reason for it, other than a hunch.  At first I played around with the idea…I really wouldn’t mind her as Batigrl.  I like the character, she’s pretty bad a**, and she’s part of the Bat Family already, easy fit.  Also, it JUST NOW ocured to me that if we got Steph in that costume I could again have fun rooting for a Batgirl/Robin pairing (I love the Dick Grayson & Barbara Gordon pairing), although technically Tim is now Red Robin I’ve always hoped they could make it work.  Here’s why I think it’s Steph.  Go back to me with to issue 2 of Red Robin, which 2nd printed today by the way.  Steph and Tim had another confrontation about Steph’s supposed betrayal and lying to Tim, blah blah blah, and he says “…I still can’t trust you to wear that costume”. pretty much I’m thinking Tim shamed her outta being Spoiler but she’ll talk herself into Batgirl, maybe with the intent of a fresh start, proving herself and so on.


Other obvious options are Cassandra Caine (the most recent Batgirl) and Charlotte “Charlie” Gage-Radcliffe (Misfit).  First, I don’t think that it will be Cassie simply because it would be pretty stupid for them to make a huge reveal for the person who is currently Batgirl, OR at least really deceptive (kinda like when people say they are going to reveal certain red people’s identity and don’t…not cool!!!) . Also, I don’t reeeeeally like Cassie as Batgirl…sorry.  As for Charlie, well it’s obvious right?  For those of you who may not know Charlie was brought into the DCU during a “Birds of Prey” storyline with a mystery Batgirl on the loose, hmmmm, interesting.  The entire time they made it look an awful lot like it was going to be the return of Babs as Batgirl, but those sneaky son-of-a-guns, psyched us out with Charlie.  She was a fan of Batgirl, that wanted to be Batgirl so she made an adorably Ghetto costume.  All in all it was kinda cute because it reminded me so much of Barbara’s start as Batgirl, and Charlie is uber endearing.  Long story short, she wanted to be Batgirl, she’s in with Batgirl, all together very possible, I just think again it’s a little easy, we’ll see.

Now, I’m gonna throw someone else in the mix.  No one I have heard brought up, but there has been a lot of talk and obviously I haven’t heard all of it.  Last night I just randomly though of the idea of Cassie Sandsmark, Wonder Girl.  Why could it be her?  Let’s go back again to the pages of Red Robin, this time issue 3. Tim and Cassie had a talk about Tim’s suspicions about Batman being alive, among other things.  Obviously Cassie is concerned about him and she want’s to help him cope, what better way to keep tabs and be there that join the family?  I know it’s a stretch, just a thought I randomly had, but that would also be pretty awesome.  I like Cassie and again with the potential Batgirl (Red) Robin pairing I like those two together too, all thought I like him a little better with Steph.

So, let’s summarize and put it into numbers shall we?  I think I am putting Steph at about an 80% chance, Charlie at 10%. Wondergirl at 5%, Barbara at 3 and Cassie Cane at 2%. We’ll see but seriously pick this book up, I am SO excited.  Batgirl is written by Bryan Q. Miller with Pencils by Lee Garbett.  P.S.  I just opened the issue to get those names and we allready have a reveal, so no red person reveal shenanigans.

Stay tuned this week as I make my Podcast DEBUT!!

Dana Shukartsi