Figure Friday: Hobgoblin Marvel Universe

Published on August 28th, 2009

Package Description

Ambitious millionaire Roderick Kingsley reached the top of the fashion game through criminal tactics and underhanded deals. Even in his lofty position, though, he hungered for more. When he stumbled upon a secret lab belonging to the Green Goblin, his route to power was revealed, and he became the Hobgoblin. Determined to run organized crime in New York, he set his sights on Spider-Man and the Kingpin, aiming to destroy both men in his quest.


This figure does have some cool stuff that I fell in love with, my favorite being  the texture. Hasbro didn’t need to add  the texture on this figure, but they did and that scored a lot of points in my book!

The figure has GREAT  facial details. Thankfully, it comes with a lot of accessories such as a  messenger bag, pumpkin bomb, and glider. But here is something I don’t like about this figure; the pumpkin bomb is so small that a  kid can kill him self if he puts it in his mouth. These figures are supposed to be designed for kids ages 4 and up. Very much like the Green Goblin Marvel Universe

The articulation is limited at the hips, but has hinged knees, feet, and elbows, twisty wrists and ankles, some head movement, and the mid-torso twists… which I hate because I feel like I am going to break the toy. This attribute has been common for all the Marvel Universe Figures I have reviewed so far.  It is very much a clone of the Green Goblin in my opinion.


Final Judgment 8/10
If you already have the Green Goblin than you essentially already have the Hobgoblin as well. So, for my money unless you really want it, no need to buy both.

Simon Daoudi