Disney/Marvel Variant Cover

Published on August 31st, 2009

So by now I am sure you know  about Disney buying  Marvel.We got your first  look at a Disney / Marvel variant  it is  for Donald  The Duck with a Mouth # 7. I am sure you are asking  your self how can I get my  hands on this variant, Well your Comic Book store has to order 22 Jonas Brothers live from the Baxter Building  and  50 the best of Hannah Montana  Unplugged and a full set of Disney princess.


Here is the description of the story line.

Agent  Mickey  of the  MMC (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) is back!

it is  an not-so-tearful reunion as  Donald is about to get his  head cut off  by Tigger for some reason, Tigger  just won’t get over wanting to cut off Donald’s  head! What’s the deal with that? Perhaps there’s something Mickey’s not telling Donald? find out more in DONALD The Duck with a Mouth # 7

Simon Daoudi