Preview: G-Man Cape Crisis #1

Published on August 12th, 2009

Stop! Before you go to the comic store  take a look at one of the BEST comics around right now. That’s right, it is not Zombie Lanterns back from the dead or a crazy man who has the universe in his hands.

It is G-man Cape Crisis #1 by Chris G aka Chris Giarrusso. It is simply just GREAT comic booking. I know it made me feel like a kid again and made me enjoy the beauty that is the art of comics. Something I feel we may have lost with all the BIG events in comics. This crisis takes you back to that place in your heart that made you fall in love with comics in the first place. As someone who has read it, I can tell you, this is one GREAT issue. Definitely for all ages.

Here is the description of G-Man Cape Crisis #1

Mini-Marvels creator Chris Giarrusso  returns with a brand new G-Man miniseries! When pieces of G-Man’s magic cape fall into the wrong hands, things quickly spin out of control. G-Man and his friends must battle to recover the pieces, and this time the bad guys have the same power as G-Man!





Simon Daoudi