John Layman’s Chew #1 in The Waking Dead?

Published on July 8th, 2009

The great Robert Kirkman has an interesting marketing idea; adding John Layman’s Chew #1 to the back of The Walking Dead #63. Layman had this to say “As a creator, there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing that a lot of people are interested in reading your book. The flip side of this is there’s nothing more frustrating than hearing how people can’t get a hold of your book to read.”

Let me be clear that this isn’t just a few preview pages, but the entire issue of Chew #1 and the entire The Walking Dead #63. That’s right- you get one of the best comics around and a free comic at the same time for only $2.99!


What’s up with that Marvel?

Sure there is one drawback- the entire issue will be in black and white. This is nothing out of the ordinary for TWD, but Chew is normally in color. But still, that’s fine with me. Chew is a book that I have been wanting to read for sometime now (especially after Andy said good things about it in our last POW podcast). So be sure to pick up The Walking Dead #63 when it arrives in stores on July 17, 2009 for less than 3 bucks!

Simon Daoudi